Nikon - 4K - Dir: Ikenna Mokwe

The Meg vs The Beast - 4K - London - Fun-

McDonalds Grass Roots - Ryan Giggs 

Legal & General 4K- London - Wunderman - Dir: Mark Pizzey

Barclays 4K - Dir Tim Lees

Nintendo - Pokemon - 4K - Dir: Marco Mori

4K London Daily Mail - Fashion- George@Asda

Clarins- Beauty- 4K London

Sony Playstation PS4 4K London

Clarins - Beauty- 4K London

George - Fashion - 4K London

Boots -Sanctuary- 4K London 

Santander - Cornish Sea Salt 4K

Shot in 4K over a few days down in Cornwall, this is a sweet little film. There was a 2nd Camera involved... guess which bits weren't mine.

Imperial College London

A smaller shoot this time, but I rather liked the location, the lighting and the pace of this piece. 

Santander SmartBank Holiday 4K 

Shot in 4K in South London. This is a lovely little spot that we tried to make feel very summery by using a Kino Flo Celeb light and various other soft sources and bounce boards. Can you guess which month we shot it in? Shown Nationwide across many platforms and throughout many press publications.

Santander - Making Payments- 4K

Another spot for one of my regular clients. I enjoyed using soft light and practicals on this one shooting at T1.5 on prime lenses. This film was also shown nationally and within the press.

Santander - Mortgage - 4K

A lovely campaign that I am proud to be a part of gets national release.

House Of Fraser- London (2:35:1)

A beautiful London location, great fashion, and all shot on an awesome 4K Sony FS7 Camera. Showing the product off wasn't hard as it was all so nicely designed. To highlight and accentuate the fabric we shot some of the clothing and modelling sequences at 50fps. Using an Arri M18 HMI light with soft diffusion and various other soft sources, I wrapped light around our subjects creating a dreamlike quality. Not seeing the models face feels instinctively wrong, but it is the clothes that are selling after all.



J&M Davidson 2017 4K Sony

Another Fashion/ Beauty shoot. High End hand crafted and exclusive J & M Davidson. A top brand with a very sensitively directed ob.doc style online commercial.

Homebase Mothers Day - 4K Sony 

Another interesting little job to produce several 4 films for Homebase working with the very lovely Agency Adjustyourset. This time the location was  in a small craft workshop belonging to in Camden Town north London. It was a very sweet and enchanting brief for Mothers Day, that required myself and my 4K Sony FS7 camera. We shot with two cameras for continuity and to get a geographic top shot, we built and rigged a goalpost over the table. I lit the films using a Panaura 5 Octodome light made by , which gave us flexibility and a beautifully soft daylight source.